N.E.O. Downtown Brooklyn

(North East Of Downtown Brooklyn)

the New Downtown of Brooklyn

Re-introducing streetlife in superblock housing



YEAR : 2016 Fall

INSTRUCTOR : Fred Biehle

SITE : Farragut Houses in Brooklyn


    “The trust of a city street is formed over time from many, many little public sidewalk contacts” (Jacobs, 1961). In The uses of sidewalks: contact, Jane Jacobs stresses the importance of casual encounters on the sidewalks, because they mediate the contrast between the public and private. The towers of Farragut Houses are currently isolated from the street, uninviting on the outsiders and isolating on the residents. No activity mediates the contrast between the extremes of public and private in the existing project. 

    The proposed scheme aims to solve the isolation of the housing from the rest of the city by providing more of typical New York City sidewalk experience. Each tower gets a block with a new type of activity on the ground floor to attract interaction between the residents and the visitors.