Pedestrian Path Unifying Disparate Educational Institutions in brooklyn



YEAR : 2015 Fall

INSTRUCTOR : Fred Levrat

SITE : entire Brooklyn


    Cities, in the past, have grown through materiality: whichever city made more attracted more people and capital. The trend has shifted today, and the remnants of the materiality that once brought the cities their fame became a nuisance. What drives and advances a city today and in the future is information. 

    Information is an idea, a knowledge learned from or provided by something or someone. It comes from conversation and interaction, whether vocal or digital; and a constructive conversation is best nurtured in a campus. 

     Brooklyn's major educational institutions are spread apart in the vast mass of land, preventing them to grow into their neighborhoods. Campus City in Brooklyn ties them together with a single colored, pedestrian only road that represents the institutions, and displays their identities along the way through providing public spaces appropriate for the individual institution. .